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Up to 2-Year Warranty on Most Products

All our reconditioned, refrigerated equipment comes with a two-year limited parts and labor warranty. Typical equipment resellers can’t do this without charging significantly more. How can we do this without charging extra? Because we service everything we sell and we only sell what we know. Additionally, we have quality standards that are unequalled by equipment resellers. Unlike many resellers, we don’t simply ship the equipment to the customer and hope that it works. All our equipment undergoes a rigorous certification procedure before it leaves our dock. This assures the buyer that they are buying more than used equipment, they have purchased a fully reconditioned, certified and tested instrument with the added value of full support during and after the sale. Visit our new Certified, Reconditioned Equipment website for current inventory and a range of refrigerated scientific equipment and accessories. We warranty our equipment up to two years! Equipment Certification Cascade Scientific is pleased to announce our Equipment Certification Program. We have developed a rigorous evaluation program to certify the performance and integrity of a wide range of equipment. As exclusive and preferred factory authorized service representatives for several manufacturers, we are uniquely qualified to provide this service. All units leased or sold by Cascade Scientific are certified by us. Certification of the equipment is based on factory standards and the knowledge that comes with 20 years of experience. A comprehensive list of specific tasks is performed by an experienced technician. One of these tasks ensures the unit is equipped with only OEM parts. This is a crucial aspect of certification as many service companies will cut corners by using inferior, after-market parts that diminish the quality and reliability of the equipment. Cascade uses only OEM parts and will only use aftermarket parts if the manufacturer no longer supports the product. Repairs and adjustment are made during the certification process to bring the unit to acceptable quality standards. Finally, the unit is thoroughly cleaned. The resulting certification provides assurance that the equipment is in top mechanical condition and ready to provide years of reliable operation. Certification does not imply warranty. Certification simply establishes the fact that the equipment has met acceptable quality standards at the time of certification. Certification does, however, establish a qualification for warranty. For further details on our warranty, please view our Terms of Sale and Warranty.